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Swift Transactions. Earnings in a Flash.

Ring A Till card machines, 3 together
person paying ith phone contactless payment
SumUp Air card machine with blue card inserted with person paying
persons hand with a credit/debit card

Tailored payment solutions for your business needs.

Effortlessly integrate our payment processing service with your retail or hospitality POS system.

Experience unified management through a single payment provider portal.

Provide customers with their preferred payment choices and accept payments at a consistent fixed rate.

Boost your payment processing speed and efficiency with Ring A Till Payments.

Delivery: Free delivery – next working day

Fast, efficient transactions

Secure payment processing

Seamless integration



per year

Contract: 6 months (then rolling pm)

For businesses that either take under £150k in annual card turnover or are new to card payments.

1.4% + 5p credit & debit rate + £20 per month terminal fee



per year

Contract: Monthly rolling

We can offer you a customised plan if your business takes over £150k in annual card turnover.

Bespoke credit & debit rate + £15 per month terminal fee

Revolutionizing Payments

Sign up for Ring A Till Payments today and experience rapid, secure card transactions starting tomorrow. Get paid faster than with any other provider as standard.

Dojo card machine

TouchPay Pro

TouchPay Pro delivers the ultimate payment experience. Boasting security, speed, and ease of use, it's the ideal choice for businesses requiring versatile payment options on-the-go.

Mobile Connectivity

Wi-Fi connectivity

Built-in thermal printer

5-inch HD touchscreen

10-hour battery life

Integrated payments enabled

Point-to-point encryption

Lightning-fast transactions

Experience unrivaled speed with TouchPay Pro, processing payments in mere seconds, enhancing customer experience and boosting your business efficiency.

Ultimate security

Ultimate security: Protecting sensitive data with top-tier encryption, fraud prevention, and PCI compliance, ensuring peace of mind for customers and businesses alike.

Exceptional mobility

Exceptional mobility: Conveniently process payments on-the-go with wireless connectivity, compact design, and long-lasting battery life, perfect for businesses of all sizes.

Wide compatibility

Wide compatibility: Effortlessly connect with a variety of POS systems and devices, ensuring seamless transactions for businesses across multiple industries and platforms.

graphic of vehicle lights

Please be aware that Ring A Till operates strictly as a broker and is not a financial payments company as defined by UK law. In our capacity as a broker, we facilitate connections between businesses and financial service providers. We do not offer financial advice, services, or recommendations, and our role should not be construed as such. It is important for customers to seek independent financial advice from a qualified professional to ensure that they make well-informed decisions regarding their financial needs.

Why Choose Us?

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Serve customers quicker

Take payments 80% faster transactions with our touchscreen card machine, surpassing industry standards.

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Get paid tomorrow

Get your earnings by 10am the following day.

protect icon

Protect your income

Standard PCI compliance and point-to-point encryption for secure transactions.

contract icon

No long-term commitment

Flexible contract terms starting as short as 1 month for PDQ machines.

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