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Experience swift customer service with our takeaway EPOS system, designed to keep up with your fast-paced demands.

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Safeguard your supplies

With Ring A Till's real-time inventory management, stay updated on stock levels and ensure your customers' favorites are always available.

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Swift and efficient service

During hectic evenings, your takeaway needs focus. Ring A Till's takeaway POS systems offer seamless usability for maximum efficiency.

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Improved online ordering

Effortless online ordering setup and user-friendly loyalty programs help attract new customers while ensuring they become loyal, returning patrons.

Multiple food items such as noodles, cakes, pizza, strawberries, salad

Discover the ultimate POS system for takeaways, delivering exceptional service for a remarkable customer experience.

Your customers crave speedy service, and Ring A Till's takeaway system ensures seamless ordering and faster food delivery.

  • Save time with automated inventory management

  • Maintain stock levels with built in ordering system

  • Offer diverse payment options for customers

  • Gain insights on popular and slow-selling items

  • Train new employees quickly with an intuitive till system

  • System includes cash till and receipt printer for efficient trading

Broaden your takeaway's horizons with enticing delivery options.

Elevate your takeaway game by joining popular delivery apps!


Ring A Till Delivery effortlessly integrates with large delivery platforms, putting you on leading food ordering platforms like JustEat and Deliveroo.

Embrace a broader customer base by being on these major food delivery networks.


Say goodbye to missed orders with auto-accept functionality, directly sending orders to your kitchen and processing customer payments.


Enjoy the convenience of managing orders from multiple platforms in one centralized reporting hub.

screenshot of back office along with just eat and deliveroo logos

Accelerate Order Processing

Streamlined Online Ordering

Efficient Inventory Management

Powerful Integrations for Growth

We recommend EPOS Max for Takeaways!

Don't quite need everything EPOS Max delivers? Choosing EPOS Mid can save you money while still providing excellent features.

Accelerate service using our efficient takeaway POS system.

Swift service is a must for fast food; efficiently manage orders and provide lightning-fast customer experiences with our takeaway POS system tailored for the industry.

ICRTouch EPOS Max complete EPOS solution image

Boost your takeaway's efficiency with our seamless EPOS – effortless order management and happier customers await!

Cloud back office running on a tablet and computer

What Sets Us Apart

Unrivalled support every day of the year, included with all rental orders, at no extra cost.


What is EPOS? 

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS), also known as Point of Sale (POS), is a blend of hardware and software engineered to streamline your business operations. Unlike traditional till systems that merely record sales, EPOS systems capture transactional data and generate insightful reports based on the input.

Explore our story at Ring A Till to learn why we are dedicated to providing the finest EPOS services for our valued customers.

What is an EPOS System used for? 

EPOS systems, unlike conventional cash registers, offer an array of functions such as inventory management, sales reporting, staff management, barcoding, customer relationship management, and payment processing.

How to set up an EPOS System

The Ring A Till Point of Sale system boasts an easy setup, enabling you to be operational in just 15 minutes, guided by a dedicated implementation manager. Plus, for your peace of mind, our team is available anytime to offer technical support whenever needed.

How much do EPOS Systems cost?

EPOS system pricing differs among providers. Some companies charge no upfront fees but take a percentage from each transaction. Alternatively, others require an initial payment for the system. Additionally, app integrations may incur a monthly fee.

How does an EPOS System work?

An EPOS system, connected to the internet, integrates with payment providers for seamless cash and card transactions. It securely stores data in the cloud, enabling access from any device, anywhere.

What is the best accounting & EPOS software?

Although accounting software and EPOS software are seperate, Ring A Till POS systems allow seamless integration with popular accounting providers such as Xero, Quickbooks, or Sage.

3 mobile phones running touchtakeaway, bytable powered by ICRTouch

Effortless online ordering for takeaway delivery and convenient click & collect

Provide delivery and click-and-collect options through a customized app and website, seamlessly integrated with your takeaway EPOS system.


Orders placed via the app are directly sent to your kitchen, appearing on your ticket printer or video display system.

All at 0% commision

EPOS Mini EPOS systems showing 3 models. Small, medium and large

EPOS Mini is an efficient, compact POS system designed for small businesses, offering essential features for smooth operations and seamless transactions.


EPOS Mid models showing 2 EPOS mid models. Small and large

EPOS Mid is a versatile POS system for growing businesses, offering expanded features to streamline operations and enhance performance in busier environments.


EPOS Max image showing the full complete solution

EPOS Max is a powerful and feature-rich POS system designed for high-demand businesses, providing advanced tools to optimize efficiency and elevate customer experience.


Kitchen display system

Maintain kitchen harmony with digital screens displaying order details. Staff can easily view, organize, and pin meal orders, while setting preparation timers to guarantee timely delivery and prevent overlooked meals.

Kitchen display system TouchKitchen powered by ICRTouch running on a wall mounted tablet
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