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Our Products

Welcome to the 'Our Products' page, where you'll discover the diverse range of innovative EPOS solutions Ring A Till has to offer. Each system is expertly designed to cater to the unique needs of businesses across various industries. Explore our exceptional lineup of products, crafted to optimize your operations, enhance customer experiences, and elevate your business to new heights. Let Ring A Till be your trusted partner on the path to success!

EPOS Max bundle image. The complete solution, powered by ICRTouch Software. Epos touch screen, metal cash drawer, receipt printer, card machine.

Complete EPOS Solution

"Ring A Till's EPOS boosted our efficiency and customer satisfaction. Unbeatable support!"

Samantha K.   |  Cafe Manager

EPOS Mini (3) till EPOS system



What Sets Us Apart

Our Beautiful Products. Available Now.


EPOS Mini: Affordable, compact solution for cafes, bakeries, and salons - streamline operations effortlessly!

Multiple EPOS Mini EPOS systems, tills, showing multiple models


EPOS Mid: Ideal for pubs, gift shops, and groceries - functionality meets value!

EPOS Mid (3) till system


EPOS Max: Unmatched power and performance for restaurants, multi-site businesses, and event venues.

EPOS Max Touchscreen EPOS system, Powered by ICRTouch, Touchpoint EPOS software


What is EPOS? 

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS), also known as Point of Sale (POS), is a blend of hardware and software engineered to streamline your business operations. Unlike traditional till systems that merely record sales, EPOS systems capture transactional data and generate insightful reports based on the input.

Explore our story at Ring A Till to learn why we are dedicated to providing the finest EPOS services for our valued customers.

What is an EPOS System used for? 

EPOS systems, unlike conventional cash registers, offer an array of functions such as inventory management, sales reporting, staff management, barcoding, customer relationship management, and payment processing.

How to set up an EPOS System

The Ring A Till Point of Sale system boasts an easy setup, enabling you to be operational in just 15 minutes, guided by a dedicated implementation manager. Plus, for your peace of mind, our team is available anytime to offer technical support whenever needed.

How much do EPOS Systems cost?

EPOS system pricing differs among providers. Some companies charge no upfront fees but take a percentage from each transaction. Alternatively, others require an initial payment for the system. Additionally, app integrations may incur a monthly fee.

How does an EPOS System work?

An EPOS system, connected to the internet, integrates with payment providers for seamless cash and card transactions. It securely stores data in the cloud, enabling access from any device, anywhere.

What is the best accounting & EPOS software?

Although accounting software and EPOS software are seperate, Ring A Till POS systems allow seamless integration with popular accounting providers such as Xero, Quickbooks, or Sage.

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