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Unrivaled Power

EPOS Max bundle showing all of the systems
Powered by ICRTouch logo
image listing all of the ICRTouch software, TouchPoint, PocketTouch, ByTable, SelfService, TouchKitchen, CollectionPoint, TouchReservation, TouchOffice Web, TouchStock, TochLoyalty, TouchTopUp, Ticketing

Unmatched capabilities for complex operations

EPOS Max delivers exceptional capabilities tailored for intricate business operations, such as restaurants, multi-site businesses, and event venues. Its powerful features and robust integrations help streamline processes, enhance customer experiences, and ensure seamless management, setting a new standard in the industry.

image showing the backoffice system TouchOffice web for EPOSMax
Mobile phone with TouchTakeaway running, Tablet with PocketTouch, EPOS Max till with TouchPoint

 Paperless solution to efficient at-table order taking

TouchKitchen kitchen display software running on a tablet and large TV screen

Interactive kitchen management display software

Diner with red chairs


Ideal for small-large scale businesses and venues

EPOS Max excels for small-large enterprises and event spaces, bringing unparalleled efficiency and seamless operations to meet demanding needs with ease!


Comprehensive management and reporting tools

EPOS Max's all-encompassing management and reporting tools offer valuable insights, empowering your business to thrive and reach new heights with confidence!


Advanced customizability and integration options

EPOS Max boasts superior customization and integration options, adapting to your unique needs and supercharging your business with unmatched flexibility!


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What is EPOS? 

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS), also known as Point of Sale (POS), is a blend of hardware and software engineered to streamline your business operations. Unlike traditional till systems that merely record sales, EPOS systems capture transactional data and generate insightful reports based on the input.

Explore our story at Ring A Till to learn why we are dedicated to providing the finest EPOS services for our valued customers.

What is an EPOS System used for? 

EPOS systems, unlike conventional cash registers, offer an array of functions such as inventory management, sales reporting, staff management, barcoding, customer relationship management, and payment processing.

How to set up an EPOS System

The Ring A Till Point of Sale system boasts an easy setup, enabling you to be operational in just 15 minutes, guided by a dedicated implementation manager. Plus, for your peace of mind, our team is available anytime to offer technical support whenever needed.

How much do EPOS Systems cost?

EPOS system pricing differs among providers. Some companies charge no upfront fees but take a percentage from each transaction. Alternatively, others require an initial payment for the system. Additionally, app integrations may incur a monthly fee.

How does an EPOS System work?

An EPOS system, connected to the internet, integrates with payment providers for seamless cash and card transactions. It securely stores data in the cloud, enabling access from any device, anywhere.

What is the best accounting & EPOS software?

Although accounting software and EPOS software are seperate, Ring A Till POS systems allow seamless integration with popular accounting providers such as Xero, Quickbooks, or Sage.

There's even more!

Loyalty Programs

TouchLoyalty members cards
TouchLoyalty logo

TouchLoyalty is a comprehensive loyalty program solution designed to enhance customer retention and spending. It seamlessly integrates with your ICRTouch system, allowing you to create customizable rewards, track customer activity, and analyze valuable data.


screenshot of CollectionPoint
CollectionPoint logo

CollectionPoint is an innovative order management solution that streamlines the customer collection process. It displays order statuses on a screen, notifies customers when orders are ready, and helps reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

Mobile Stock

TouchStock running on a smartphone
TouchStock logo

TouchStock is an inventory management tool that simplifies stock control. It helps track stock levels, manage product pricing, and monitor wastage, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and optimize efficiency in their operations.

Self Service Kiosks

SelfService machine
SelfService logo

SelfService is an intuitive kiosk system enabling customers to place and pay for orders independently. It streamlines the ordering process, reduces wait times, and increases overall efficiency, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.

Customer Top Up

TouchTopUp Box device
TouchTopUp logo

TouchTopUp from ICRTouch is a secure, wall-mounted unit that accepts cash and transfers its value to smart cards for Schools/Education. It streamlines transactions, reduces theft opportunities, and sends email alerts for maintenance or capacity issues.

Ticketing System

Ticketing app running on a smartphone
Ticketing logo

Ticketing is a flexible solution for creating and managing various ticket types, including memberships and season passes. It integrates with ICRTouch software and the wider ecosystem, providing live sales data, and offers customizable seating options.

Say hello

to the ICRTouch ecosystem

Cloud Back Office

TouchOffice Web running on a laptop
TouchOffice Web logo

Unlock instant access to business analytics with Cloud Back Office. This robust cloud-based solution from ICRTouch empowers you to make informed decisions on the go, ensuring control and smart decision-making.

Handheld Ordering

PocketTouch running on a smartphone
PocketTouch logo

PocketTouch is a handheld ordering system designed for waiting staff, enabling seamless tableside or queue line order-taking. Orders are sent directly to the kitchen and bar, increasing efficiency and speeding up service.

Order to Table App

ByTable app running on a smartphone
ByTable logo

ByTable is a customer-facing order-to-table app allowing diners to browse menus, place orders, and make payments from their own devices. It increases table turnover and reduces queues.

Kitchen Displays

TouchKitchen running on a kitchen display tablet
TouchKitchen logo

TouchKitchen is a digital kitchen management system that displays orders, streamlines food preparation, and coordinates communication between front and back of house. It eliminates confusion from handwritten tickets.

Table Reservations

screenshot of TouchReservation software
TouchReservation logo

TouchReservation is an online table booking system that seamlessly integrates with your ICRTouch software. It simplifies reservations, manages bookings, reduces no-shows, and optimizes table management for a more efficient and profitable dining experience.

Takeaway Ordering

TouchTakeaway app running on a smartphone
TouchTakeaway logo

TouchTakeaway is a custom-branded online ordering platform that integrates with your ICRTouch system, allowing customers to easily place orders for collection or delivery. It streamlines operations, increases revenue, and enhances customer convenience.

Bespoke software for countless features & flexibility

An effortless solution to meet the EPOS needs of any business, the ICRTouch flagship software has been developed over the past 20+ years, Installed over 150,000 times in the UK alone

TouchPoint Logo


Whether it's a single terminal in a high street retail store or a multi-site business with numerous tills, TouchPoint offers a streamlined central solution for your EPOS ecosystem.

Complete EPOS solution bundle showing TouchPoint, TouchOffice Web, TouchKitchen, ByTable, TouchTakeaway

Ease of use

Easy to learn and adaptable, your staff will quickly master the functions. Customize buttons, colors, images, and keyboard layouts to enhance your business's efficiency.

Rolling GIF image of TouchPoint, EPOS Max
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